Home Theater PCs

Ready to “Cut the Cord”?

When you “Cut the Cord”, you disconnect paid subscription (Cable/Satellite) TV service and replace it with On-Demand streaming services or broadcast TV with an antenna.   This can save ton’s of money on channels you don’t watch, and allows you to watch most, if not all of the programs you used to watch streaming over the Internet.    Many Smart TVs already have integrated streaming service apps such as Netflix, HuluPlus, AmazonPrime, etc. and allow you to watch on-demand TV shows and movies with no other hardware.   Then there are streaming devices such as Roku, Google ChromeCast, Amazon FireTV, and many others that provide the apps to do this on regular HDTVs.

So you say, “But what about the local channels?   I love how I can record the local news and other network TV shows with my DVR and I don’t want to lose that.”   No worries.  Enter the Home Theater PC.

Home Theater PCs

A Home Theater PC (or HTPC) is a purpose-built computer used as for the specific purpose of home entertainment.   They can be used to stream online entertainment such as Netflix, or configured with TV tuners to record local broadcast channels with an antenna for free.   Redline offers several different HTPC offerings with up to 4 tuners (aka the recording and/or watching of up to 4 channels simultaneously), and 200 hours of HD recording capacity.

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