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Dear Valued Redline Customer,

The continually changing technology landscape has forced us to change and adjust our business model significantly. The biggest change you will notice is that we will be closing our brick and mortar location on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. We must emphasize, we are not closing Redline Computers the business, just its storefront location. We will be focusing on security, data preservation and preventative care service plans that we already offer, but continue to offer premium technology service via remote access through the Internet, on-site service in your home or business, or meet you for pick up and/or drop-off service.


Malware targeting Macs now more than ever before

Surely you’ve heard someone somewhere say that Macs don’t get viruses; usually a new Mac owner that just switched from PC and is feeling pretty smug around his PC-toting colleagues.

“There have been more malware attacks on Macs this year than the last five years combined”

Business Insider

While that’s never been the case, the fact remained that viruses and other malware such as adware, spyware and other junk software rarely seemed to target Apple products.  The predominant reason for that has been market share.   (more…)

Cloud Computing

Computing in the cloud allows for you or your business to be independent of the computing hardware you use on a daily basis.   With your data, apps, or even your entire network hosted in a secure data center, you are free to access your digital life on any device, anywhere in the world.

Computer Repair Service

We deal in all facets of repairing your slow, infected and/or broke-down PC.  Everything from virus removal, malware cleanups, hard drive replacements, replacing a broken screen or power jack or just fixing a pesky glitch, we’ve got you covered.


We sell top-quality laptops, desktops, custom-built/custom-purpose computers and small-business servers.    We understand that you can buy computing components virtually anywhere, and offer unmatched service to go with the hardware that we sell.