Cloud Backup & Cloud Storage Billings MT

Imagine everything on your computer vaporizes in a hard drive crash, someone steals your laptop from your car or your home is burglarized.   What would you do without all of your documents?  What about your priceless family photos?   You MUST have a backup solution in place to protect your digital files.

Cloud Backup

We are a Carbonite authorized partner, meaning we can outfit you with state-of-the-art off-site cloud backup software.  Your files are stored securely off-site so in the event of a catastrophe, your stuff is easily recovered.


Cloud storage & sync

With Freedom File, you get the benefits of cloud storage, file sync and file sharing technology like you would with other “box” solutions, only with enterprise-class encryption and local support.  Your files are stored locally and synced amongst all all Windows PC’s and Macs, as well as in our data center for redundancy and accessibility anywhere on any device.  Changes are synced almost immediately so you can work on the go regardless of what device you’re using.