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The continually changing technology landscape has forced us to change and adjust our business model significantly. The biggest change you will notice is that we will be closing our brick and mortar location on Tuesday, November 21, 2017. We must emphasize, we are not closing Redline Computers the business, just its storefront location. We will […]

Surely you’ve heard someone somewhere say that Macs don’t get viruses; usually a new Mac owner that just switched from PC and is feeling pretty smug around his PC-toting colleagues.

“There have been more malware attacks on Macs this year than the last five years combined”

Business Insider

While that’s never been the case, the […]

There is one constant in the world of technology:  Change.   And times are changing!   We live in a world now that is more accessible and “cross platform” than ever before.   With the improvments and innovation with the Internet and cloud computing, it is possible to be more productive than ever before without […]

Face it:  all of us are tired of our cable or satellite bill going up every month.   If you’re like most American households, you spend over a thousand dollars a year for cable or satellite TV service.  And if you’re like most Americans, you find yourself surfing 300+ channels for an hour only to find that nothing […]

There you are, working away with no care in the world.  *Ding*  You have a new email.   It’s from Bill in Accounting with a question about an invoice that’s attached to the email.  You think to yourself: “That’s strange, Bill always calls with invoice questions”.    You open his email and all of a sudden:  The […]