There you are, working away with no care in the world.  *Ding*  You have a new email.   It’s from Bill in Accounting with a question about an invoice that’s attached to the email.  You think to yourself: “That’s strange, Bill always calls with invoice questions”.    You open his email and all of a sudden:  The dreaded alert…. “You’re infected with a virus.”

Fear takes hold and you begin to panic.  You start asking questions.   “Are my documents and photos safe?”  “What do I do now?”  “How do I fix this so I can go back to work?”

We are here to help you when you get a computer virus, and here’s what you have to do to:

1) If you can, take a picture of your screen with your phone

Though this is not necessary, it can help your technician properly identify the type of threat it is and how to approach its removal with the least likelyhood of further damage.

2) Shut down the computer as soon as possible

Turning off a computer that’s just been infected with a virus, malware, spyware or any other malicious software immediately stops its forward progress.  Because a virus is simply computer software programmed in harmful way, like any other piece of software, it cannot run when the computer is off.    Do know that turning off the computer doesn’t remove the virus, it just stops its progress and any potential damage it can do to your computer or any other computer on your network.

3) Take it to the computer repair shop with the most experience and competence

We all have that nephew.  The child prodigy with technology.  The gamer kid who needs to be bribed to leave the basement; always tinkering with technology.   While he may be good with computers, he’s probably not your best bet to completely, effectively and safely remove a virus from your computers.

Redline Computers is a computer repair shop in Billings, Montana that has been open since 2001.   There’s very little our experienced, friendly and competent staff hasn’t seen.   We know how to remove your virus effectively and get your computer back to you as quick as possible.   We guarantee that the virus is completely removed or we keep at it until it is at no additional charge.   In fact, we even guarantee against re-infection if you subscribe to our Managed Security program.  That’s pretty hard to beat.

4) Be patient

Your computer is the life blood of your work, we get it.  When it’s down, so are you.     But just as you wouldn’t rush your surgeon through a life saving surgery, or you wouldn’t rush your body shop through repairing your brand new pickup; you can’t rush your computer technician through a virus removal or malware cleanup.   A virus isn’t a “fender bender” or “sprained ankle”.   It is a serious problem that requires a lengthy, thorough process to completely and safely repair, and can sometimes take a couple of days to get it right.

5) Learn from this experience

So you got through relatively unscathed.  Whew!  That could have been much worse.

So what do you do going forward?

5.1) Have a quality Anti Virus security program on y our computer.  There are dozens on the market, but only a small hand full that are effective.    If you need a recommendation on what to use, Redline Computers offers a top-rated Anti Virus product for your purchase.

5.2) Have an off-site backup service in place to protect your files from a bad computer virus (or other catastrophic computer disaster).   Cloud backup services are very inexpensive.  Redline offers several different options for cloud backup and off-site backup to protect your irreplaceable documents, photos, videos and music.   Sometimes viruses simply destroy all of the data on your  computer’s hard drive and leave it completely unrecoverable in the blink of an eye.   A off-site or cloud backup is the only sure-fire way ensure your stuff is safe.

5.3) Be very cautious while on the internet.  Viruses, malware, spyware, adware and other junk software is lurking everywhere: An email with a strange attachment; a Facebook message from a family member you havn’t talked to in 4 years that has a link embedded; a banner ad on an article linked from a sketchy news source; a software download from an untrusted source; or a viral video that just doesn’t seem right.  These are all common sources of the bad stuff.   When in doubt, just avoid the link or delete the email and call the sender instead.

Redline Computers repairs PCs

Redline Computers will fix most modern makes an models of computers – including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer or Apple.  Whether they have Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, (or even Mac) we can fix it!   Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at 406-839-2216 if you need your PC or Mac fixed.





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