About Redline Computers

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Mission Statement:

“Help People, Make Friends, Have Fun”

Our mission is to build a long-term relationship with you, serving you to the best of our ability.  We understand that technology can be confusing and work to build the human aspect of your technology needs.
Help People: You don’t buy a drill because you want a drill, you buy a drill because you want a hole. We work to give you the “hole” you need, without focusing on features of the “drill”.  We talk to you in language you can understand, and go the extra mile to ensure that you are happy.

Make Friends: We are friendly and neighborly, we make small talk, and serve you with integrity, excellence and professionalism. Quality human interaction is essential to the long-term relationships required for success.

Have Fun: You can tell when people are enjoying what they are doing. We make tasteful jokes, smile, laugh, and help you do the same.


Redline was founded by Mike Hines in 2001.  He has slowly grown it from one client in his spare time to thousands of clients all over the country today.   Mike’s wife, Dawn, came on board early on to help with bookkeeping duties and continues to work as the general manager.      After moving out of the Hines’ spare bedroom in 2007, Redline continued to grow into larger and larger office spaces until 2012 when it moved into its current location.

The Redline Team:

Dawn Hines

Title(s): General Manager, Customer Service Manager

 Anthony Saur

Title(s): Inside Service Technician, Remote Support Technician, On-Site Service Technician

Dustin Baker

Title(s): Inside Service Technician, Systems Engineer

Mike Hines

Title(s): Director of Operations, Director of Business Development